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Company Profile
‘Balaabit’  is a professional project management and Apartments maintenance company . The company is based in Tel Aviv and manages properties throughout central Israel, the Sharon region and Jerusalem.
Why hire an external company to manage your property?
Nowadays more and more people are choosing to invest their money into the real estate market. This can be an extremely prosperous channel, but unlike other channels, it requires ongoing resource investment after the initial financial investment. A high quality property management company can save you both time and money enabling you to maximize your financial investment. The ‘Balabait’ team step into the shoes of the property owner right from the initial stage of finding the right property to purchase, to making the necessary renovations and the ongoing maintenance. The property management company will take care of renting out the property quickly to suitable, high standard, tenants at the optimal price so that you can maximize your investment and return it in the most passive way taking the least amount of resources and energy from you as possible.
Why Balabit Property Management?
Balabait Property Management has years of rich experience and numerous properties in its portfolio. Property owners can take advantage of the team’s deep knowledge of the Israeli property market while minimizing the risks involved with owning and renting out a property. With our help you can enjoy the following: rent out your property with optimal terms, get tenants that have been carefully picked and receive ongoing maintenance services with minimal financial investment and all of this without needing to frequently visit the property, chase after tradesmen or search for tenants.
Who is the service designed for?
Private property owners, who don’t have the time or relevant experience to get the most out of their property
Owners of multiple properties that require ongoing maintenance
Property owners who for not live close to the properties they own
Companies that own properties as investments
Which services are included?
Preparing the property for rental (taking care of essential repairs, cleaning etc…)
Advertising the property through all the relevant channels
In-depth background checks of potential tenants: financial background, guarantors, recommendations and personal suitability
Legal consultancy when preparing the contract and working with the tenant
Taking care of the rent (including through legal channels when necessary)
Maintenance of the property with the best professionals in each field
Representing the property owner with the tenants, housing committee, neighbors and authorities
Presenting periodical reports to the property owner with full transparency
Optional management of bank account related to the property
Tax consultancy
Project management such as renovating or selling the property and providing recommendations around Israeli regulations such as – ‘TAMA 38’ and ‘Pinui Binui’
The Advantages of working with Balalabit Property Management
Longstanding and deep understanding of the real-estate market which enable renting out the property for the maximum price.
Significant financial savings. For every piece of repair work, the company runs a tender for tradesmen to ensure the best standard of work for competitive prices. Your gain is our profit.
Collecting rent checks on time, without having to chase the tenants.
Periodical reports that keep the property owner up to date on the financial and maintenance status of the investment.
Managing independent tradesmen whilst avoiding any conflict of interest.
Property owners – we invite you to take advantage of the professionalism, efficiency and politeness that we hold with utmost importance and above all, remove the burden of managing a property from your daily lives.
Best Regards,
Adir Shahar

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